About Local 63

Sheet Metal Workers Local 63 have been serving Central and Western Massachusetts and Vermont since 1903. We have a tradition of offering training programs and working with superior contractors to maintain the high-quality craftsmanship we represent. Our current membership comprises approximately 132 retired members and over 500 active members, growing more every day. We represent sheet metal workers at every level:

  • Production Workers
  • Journeymen
  • Apprentices
  • Residential & Classified Workers


Our campaigns bring workers together to demand a voice on the job and a seat at the table with management. Together we improve and protect working conditions for our members. Our members take great pride in their work and deserve the peace of mind that comes with access to fair pay, high-quality health coverage, pension plans, and annuities.

Union workers on average:

  • Earn higher pay
  • Secure better benefits
  • Enjoy longer careers
  • Suffer fewer injuries or accidents

… then their non-union counterparts. Want to join the fold and see for yourself? Learn more about our recruitment opportunities.

The Union Difference


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