TAKE ACTION: Help Win Fair Pay for Offsite Workers

Brothers and Sisters,

We need your help to protect sheet metal workers from being cheated out of a living wage.

In Massachusetts, prevailing wage laws set baseline wages for construction workers to ensure they are paid fairly. But a dangerous loophole allows contractors across Massachusetts to skirt the prevailing wage by underpaying workers who do their work in a shop rather than at a job site, shortchanging Massachusetts families and harming our state’s economy.

Thanks to your efforts last year, we’re closer than ever to closing this loophole with two new bills in the Massachusetts State Legislature, House Bill 106 and Senate Bill 714, filed by Rep. Jeff Roy and Sen. Paul Feeney.  Please note that these bill numbers will change. These bills would level the playing field by preventing contractors from underpaying offsite workers and removing their incentive to hire workers out of state. With a new Governor and legislative session this year, we have the opportunity to get these bills across the finish line.

Take action today: Sign this petition to tell your State Representative and State Senator to help close the prevailing wage loophole by sponsoring and supporting House Bill 106 and Senate Bill 714.

SMART Northeast Regional Council has been fighting to close the prevailing wage loophole for several legislative sessions. With your help, we can finally put a stop to it this session and ensure all building trades workers are compensated fairly.

In solidarity,

Bob Butler
SMART Northeast Regional Council